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Website Requests by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 11 Feb 2014 01:33

This is the Place you can request new FORUM Topics and Changes

Forum Requests by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 11 Feb 2014 01:30

How to JOIN THIS site?

  1. This will direct you to register with wikidot.com (similar to registering on Facebook)
  2. Then you just have to join-up with THIS website.

- Easy and fast !

Once you have successfully joined, you can also INVITE more friends …

Kind regards
yours PCIF Administration

How to use THIS Forum? by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker, 20 Nov 2012 13:13

similar to golf carts? Should be ideal in cities and towns

Since Peter Heindl has kindly created these forums for ICA on this site, we are considering moving the current WIX.COM website over to this domain. Does anyone have strong reasons for or against this move? Please comment here.

I would love to see an electric car handle Sani Pass, Magoebaskloof Pass, DuToitskloof Pass, etc., in South Africa's mountainous regions.

Create more JOBS
setup new companies
become independent from the OIL INDUSTRY (and in a way from the EXCHANGE RATE)
design & manufacture more EFFICIENT & SAFE TECHNOLOGY,
become independent from the Electricity Grid,
contribute to CO2 REDUCTION
- - - and more !!

I think we should give far more attention to GENERATING 'FREE' ENERGY, design and build more such devices and then kick the Energy and Communication Mafia out for good !!

- After all, Nicola Tesla already did it in 1931/1932, why can we still not do it today ???
- Because of the TOP STRUCTURES, who would like to be in CONTROL??? - You don't believe it???
=> See: http://www.freegrab.net/Update%C2%A0Tesla.htm

Generating usable Electricity from the air on the fly is no joke, but reality !
It was done before - and effectively SHUT DOWN and DESTROYED, like all the electric cars … - Need more Proof?

Evehicles, first electric cars, history of the electric car, who killed the electric car

Evehicles, first electric cars, history of the electric car, who killed the electric car

Why destroy electric cars

why destroy electric cars

Nikola Tesla - 1st Electric Car in 1918 That Regenerate Electricity from the Earth


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