New Technology to curb Cable Theft

Newly developed ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is making inroads …

New FREE ENERGY Generators make it able to easily generate up 15kW and more in every home, rendering Power Cables odistributing the electricity obsolete - at least between houses !
After buying and installing the device, you can generate ENERGY for FREE !!
- This make long Transmission Lines obsolete, as every home can generate as much electricity as is needed.

- These inventions have been suppressed and covered up basically since the days of Nikola Tesla and JP Morgan !!
Anybody saying THIS cannot be done - should get out of the way of the people already doing it !!

There are many advantages of these FREE ENERGY Generators about any other …

  1. Only have to pay for purchasing the generator
  2. No Running Costs
  3. You are generating pure FREE ELECTRICITY once they are in use
  4. 100% Renewable Energy
  5. 100% No Combustion, Smoke or Exhaust Fumes
  6. Manufacturing of these generators will create many more Jobs (compared to a Coal or Nuclear Power Station)
  7. Export possibility
  8. Future Proof and upgradable. Just add another unit !
  9. 24/7 Electricity all year round! - As Backup an additional FREE ENERGY Generator can be used on standby !

The generator is working very well… Test Nr 1

Published on 3 Aug 2014: The generator is working very well... Test Nr 1

Topic: Value
Input: 1.5kW
Output: 15kW
Factor: 1000%
Country: Greece

Only 640.000 units if the above Free Energy Generators would cover all the 9.6GW power the 8 Nuclear Reactors would deliver, but far more effective, with 100% safety and 100% renewable energy, creating many more workplaces than nuclear could ever.
- We could put one into every home and have 15kW FREE power from there on and add a 2nd one at any time later !
— But it is exactly THIS, that governments don't like, as they are loosing their grip and strangle hold on the(ir) (FREE) people !!
We are not FREE!

80.000 to 120.000 of these devices would be able to generate 1.2GW to 1.8GW, using only a device pushing out 15kW.

FREE ENERGY Generators:

Device Output Amount of Devices
needed for 9.6GW
15kW 640.000 More than enough for any average home !
25kW 384.000
40kW 240.000

Self-running 40kW (40000 Watt) fuel-less Generator

Published on Jul 3, 2012 Self-running 40kW (40000 Watt) fuel-less Generator

- - - Free Energy Generators, however could help alleviate current problems with immediate effects !! - - -

ESKOM is a huge government-supported Fraud !

- Watch the following Documentary and WAKE-UP !

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