South Africa signs Nuclear Deal with Russia for R 111 Billion to 1+ Trillion

This whole case is SHROUDED IN SECRECY !!


Everyone involved in this Nuclear Deal needs to be held responsible and accountable !!!

ESKOM is a government-supported Fraud

- and they just prove this over again and again - almost daily !!

Minister of Energy (Tina Joemat-Pettersson) puts Russian and French Companies before South Africa !

This is yet again making the people DEPENDING ON THE GOVERNMENT, exactly what they want !
Is the corruption not big enough already and the joblessness ??
Now we still need need foreign technology, as if we would be too stupid to build things ourselves !
- No, not like the ESKOM Coal Power Stations, current going up!

Dr. Kevin Kemm’s pro-nuke spin is disingenuous, dangerous

The people have NO SAY, they are just good enough to pay for the DAMAGES the Ministers and Government Departments are creating !

… and that in whichever way you want to sort them - by date or by value ! — It still stays a huge Fraud against Humanity !!

  1. Arms Deal (±2000)
  2. eTolls (2013-15-04)
  3. ESKOM Coal Power Stations (2012-NN-NN)
  4. ESKOM Nuclear power Stations (2014-09-22)
  5. Nkandla (2012-NN-NN)
  6. Gautrain (2009-NN-NN)
  7. Rapid Bus System in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town (2012 - 2014 - …)

Even after Chernobyl and Fukushima, South Africa is still wanting to be investing money into outdated, expensive and dangerous centralised Nuclear Energy Technology.

Nobody has the INTEREST, GUTS and the BRAINS to tackle new clean and effective Renewable Technology in South Africa - at least not in Government Positions !!

►►► ESKOM bosses face arrest ◄◄◄

ESKOM bosses face arrest

Agreement signed with Russia for 8 Nuclear Reactors with 9.6GW (9.600MW)

  • Each of the 8 Nuclear Reactors produce 1.2GW (1.200MW)

… as per Eye Witness News (2014-09-22)

More online comments on this Nuclear Reactor topic:

The nuclear deal: Not informed, never mind consulted — Geoff Davies — 14 Oct 2014 [01:10] (South Africa)

  • Why is our government, a government of the people, we hope, taking the wrong direction to overcome inequality, poverty and unemployment? We need labour intensive development that equips and builds our people. The government’s nuclear plan will bring about further conflict, inequality and social destruction. Read more, now!

We can generate our very own energy in our homes and there would NO NEED for CABLES.

No cables can be stolen, where there are none to be stolen anyway !

What about a FREE ENERGY Generator which runs on its own and still produces 15kW Energy?

  • Too good to be true?
  • Cannot be done?

Just get out of the way of the people already doing it !!

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Trailer)

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Trailer)

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Movie)

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (Official Movie)

The generator is working very well… Test Nr 1

Published on 3 Aug 2014: The generator is working very well... Test Nr 1

Topic: Value
Input: 1.5kW
Output: 15kW
Factor: 1000%
Country: Greece

Only 640.000 units of the above Free Energy Generators would cover all the 9.6GW power the 8 Nuclear Reactors would deliver, but far more effective, with 100% safety and 100% renewable energy, creating many more workplaces than nuclear could ever.
- We could put one into every home and have 15kW FREE power from there on (with immediate effect and would not have to wait for the final completion of any Power Station!) - and add a 2nd one at any time later !
— But it is exactly THIS, that governments don't like, as they are loosing their grip and strangle hold on the(ir) (FREE) people !!
We are not FREE!

Self-running 40kW (40000 Watt) fuel-less Generator

Published on Jul 3, 2012 Self-running 40kW (40000 Watt) fuel-less Generator

- - - Free Energy Generators, however could help alleviate current problems with immediate effects !! - - -

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