QEG running and generating 15kW and 40kW of energy !!

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The generator is working very well… Test Nr 1

Published on 3 Aug 2014: The generator is working very well... Test Nr 1
Topic: Value
Input: 1.5kW
Output: 15kW
Factor: 1000%
Country: Greece

Only 640.000 units of the above Free Energy Generators would cover all the 9.6GW power the 8 Nuclear Reactors would deliver, but far more effective, with 100% safety and 100% renewable energy, creating many more workplaces than nuclear could ever.
- We could put one into every home and have 15kW FREE power from there on (with immediate effect and would not have to wait for the final completion of any Power Station!) - and add a 2nd one at any time later !
— But it is exactly THIS, that governments don't like, as they are loosing their grip and strangle hold on the(ir) (FREE) people !!
We are not FREE!

Self-running 40kW (40000 Watt) fuel-less Generator

Published on Jul 3, 2012 Self-running 40kW (40000 Watt) fuel-less Generator

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